Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hemp Oh Yes!

 Happy Heiny's hemp one-size makes me want to dance. Little Man is now sleeping through night (except for a couple dream-feeds) and since he's outgrown TWENTY of his diapers as well, it was a good excuse to try out new diapers. After hearing that Stephanie, the owner of the local cloth diaper and baby/toddler store- Angel Britches, loves her Happy Heiny's I decided they'd be my first try. And I'd recently discovered that two of Little Man's size small diapers where actually hemp (that's a whole other post on my cluelessness). So a Happy Heiny's hemp, with the hemp stuffins (their unique insert system which I like) and a (Happy Heiny's) So Simple cover where what I excitedly brought home this weekend. They and a few other items (changing mat, wet bag, wipes) are actually early Christmas presents from my mom (yes, I love cloth so much I ask for it as presents!). I'd originally wanted Thirsties covers but Stephanie doesn't stock them yet and I'd rather give business to her than order stuff online. Plus buying them from her also gives me an excuse to hang out in her store and even have some actual in person conversations. There are days I'm tempted to just go hang out there even when I don't have any money to spend. LOL.

Seriously, I was so impatient to try them I put them on Little Man as soon as we got home just to check out the fit. The diaper itself is so soft, with four rise settings and none of the buttons inside to leave marks on my chubby guy like the Fuzzibunz one-size I have do. So then I washed them. And washed them. And washed them. And then waited for them to finally dry. Hemp does take a while, so I won't be putting off washing it till the last minute. They dried in time for me to put Little Man in them late the next night, perfect timing for his long sleep stretch. He actually fooled me a little bit and stayed awake two hours after I thought he would but I kept him in the HH's to see how they held up. He slept for a glorious eight hours, only waking enough to latch back on a couple times I don't really remember. So in all he wore it for a solid ten hours. We woke up dry, no leaks soaking my shirt or his outfit. In fact, even the fleece of the leg and waist bands on the So Simple cover was completely dry. When I took off the diaper itself, it was SOAKED. I swear it weighed five pounds. But Little Man's skin felt dry and clean.

I wanted to dance around the room but Little Man has learned to roll over and I'm paranoid about even stepping slightly away even when he's wearing the "seatbelt" strap. I have found our night-time diaper system!!!!! I can't wait to get a few more of these so he can be wearing them every night.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the So Simple covers are sized. The small ends and the medium begins at 15lbs. I'm not sure what Little Man weighs right now, but it's around 15lbs. So I got a medium. As roomy as the medium is on him, I'm sure the small would have still fit too. Even being roomy, it's sleek and fits under his clothes smoothly.

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