Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bye-Bye Newborn-hood

Three month old Little Man

Today Little Man is three months old! A big ol grown-up infant, not a itty bitty newborn anymore. Actually, ok, it's been a while since he was itty bitty anyway. But still, now it's official- no more newborn-ness. I'm actually quite excited for his three month check-up, which is still a week away. Oh, not for the shot/s (I'm still not sure if we're going to do one or two and if just one, which one, this time ack). It's the weigh-in I'm ready for. He was just under 8 at birth and a little over 14 at his two month check, so guesses are ranging from 16 (me) to an unbelievable and likely impossible 20 (the husband).  That picture is from today, so if anyone wants to take a guess themselves, go ahead!

It seems difficult to really see how much a baby grows when you see them everyday. It's not until I look back at his brand-new pictures that I see how big he is now. Which is a total mind-warp because he was BORN big to me. Less than an inch longer than his big sister, he was two pounds and one ounce heavier at birth. Em looked little but now with the added perspective of Little Man, I realize just how very slim she was. She was long, but achingly slender. Those last weeks of pregnancy count. Ember was born at 37weeks, full-term but a few extra weeks to bulk up before birth would have been nice, if she'd lived. Em is one of the reasons, besides just pure "my little baby is growing up!", that Little Man's newborn-ness ending is such a huge milestone to me. I will always be the mom of one newborn, but now her little brother is so much older than she was.

In a way though, it feels like cause for celebration- we got through the newborn months with only one night of mommy crying because the baby wouldn't stop crying. Despite problems with gas, breastfeeding issues, a possible dairy intolerance, reflux and a hatred of all sleeping-spots without a pulse, Little Man is an easy baby. Feed him, let him sleep on me and smile back at him when he smiles (which how could you not anyway?) and he's a content little dude. If I thought all babies had this easy of a transition to life earthside, I might out-do Michelle Duggar. Don't get me wrong: my house is a mess always, I've haven't cooked in who knows how long and if it can't be done with a baby sleeping on me, eating or on my shoulder, it probably won't get done anytime soon. But me and Little Man are happy just hanging out. It's been the most amazing three months of my life. I just wish I could have slowed it down.

Bye-Bye Newborn-hood, I hope the rest of infancy doesn't fly by as fast as you did.

                                                        Couple day old Little Man


  1. Awww that NB pic of him made my heart ache!! He is so adorable! I am guessing 17lbs :)