Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Presents

            Little Man's 1st Christmas is fast approaching! We want to keep the focus of Christmas to be on family and fun. But LM is only 3.5 months old so it's not like he can be materialistic at this point. And he only had a couple toys to begin with, mostly a play gym and a mobile with a couple of hand toys and way more stuffed animals than he needs. 

          Here's his stocking stuffers. And his awesome blue toile stocking. We got it from the Xmas Muse etsy store ( ). It matches his bedding set. And I just love toile in any color. Of the four stocking stuffers, half can be used now and the rest later. Didn't plan it that way but it works well I suppose lol. All three our brands I'm very pleased with. These are classic baby toys with a safer, greener twist.

1. Haba clutching toy
2. Plan Toys rolling toy
3. Green Sprouts wrist rattle
4. Green Sprouts stacking cups set

    These are his "big" presents. Six different things, with half of them usable now and the rest in the next few months. Four of these brands I really like (Plan Toys, Green Start, Wonderworld and Melissa&Doug). The Skip Hop mirror isn't a green brand. But it's mostly cloth with the mirror in the center. As long as Caden doesn't start chewing on it, I can live with it for the amount of amusement I'm expecting him to find it. He loves to be held in front of mirror so I hope he likes it for on-the-floor play. And then there's the ones that breaks my personal rules- the Fisher-Price kick and play piano. Batteries. Noise. Did I mention batteries? Not an open-ended toy. Not an imagination-encouraging toy. Hehhhh. I think he will love it though, NOW. Right now, when he's not sitting up on his own and can't do THAT much playing by himself. I think he will love it and that's worth breaking a personal rule this time.

1. Plan Toys xylophone
2. Skip Hop mirror
3. Melissa and Doug bead maze
4. Fisher-Price kick and play piano
5. Green Start Book Towers: Animals
6. Wonderworld ABC Touchy blocks

So, he's getting a set of cups, a set of blocks, ten books and seven toys from us. Too much? I don't think so but next year, I'm thinking of going with the tradition of "one present you want, one you need, one to wear and one to read". Or something like that. I want it to be purposeful. I want it to be planned, to be tradition.  I have a whole year to get ready for it though thankfully. What do you do for Christmas presents?

Now I have NO idea what LM is getting from anyone else. I know two or three of his relatives on my side are getting him something but that's all I know. They want us to be surprised for him. I'm rather anxious to see how well  my mother and grandmother listened about the anti-plastic, anti-battery "thing".

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