Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gearing Up For Christmas!

        Some of the Christmas cards we've received, mostly from angel moms/families. Sending out paper Christmas cards doesn't seem very green. Like it's a waste of paper... but I love Christmas cards. I don't just send out a ton of them, I send them to those who I think WANT one. I don't throw away the ones we receive but keep them and plan to make a little book with them one day.
 A friend has helped me start one of the traditions for Little Man. A special frame for the annual Santa/christmas-y picture, to be put away after New Year's and to only come out for the Christmas season every year.
 Since our tree didn't hold up well to lights, the entertainment center got decorated. Little Man loves it, seriously.
Our tree! It's been decorated, stripped and re-dressed several times but I'm finally happy with it! LOL Pink and gold are our Christmas decorating colors. The angel on the tree is for Ember, one a few ornaments we've been given for her this year. Our tree is living, and after Christmas will put into cold storage until spring when it can be planted. Ir's Little Man's 1st tree and will grow up at his great-grandmother's house. After this year, we plan to try to donate the trees after Christmas to local parks.

And this pretty much sums up our Christmas decorations. I didn't get a picture of Little Man's or Ember's stocking yet though. Not a ton of stuff but still cheerful without making a lot of clutter that has to be stored for eleven months of the year. The etsy store I was going to get santa sacks from went on vacation before I could get them. And everywhere I've seen them is much more expensive, which we can't afford this year. So wrapping paper/reusable paper gift bags will have until next Christmas.

Tomorrow my grandfather is coming to visit and meeting Little Man for the first time. I'm losing my cool trying to get the house in order by then. "Ommmmmm"

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