Friday, December 16, 2011

Hands Off The Foreskin

 Where have I been for the last week??? Mostly sitting on the floor of our steamed up tiny hall bathroom with Little Man. He had his first REAL cold and he's finally over it today. He's gotten sniffle-y a few times before, but with The Husband sick for a week, LM couldn't help but catch it eventually. And then I got sick too. We *might* have taken a nap or two on the bathroom floor but I'm admitting nothing.

Last week right before we came down with the plague (err, colds) Little Man had his three month well-baby check-up. He weighs a hefty 17lbs! Which is off the charts for weight. And came up from 50th to 75th percentile for length. Hooray for breastmilk! He got no vaccinations this month, and his doctor was fine with that which was nice. But she messed with his foreskin. Total complete shock and horror. He showed no sign of pain at all (actually did not seem to notice) and she tried to tell me it was ok because she wasn't forcibly retracting him. I've been emailing the Whole Network for advice. Depending on how our talk at his 4month check-up goes, he may or may not be getting a new doctor. So far, she has been willing to go with our preferences. If she is receptive to my belief that the foreskin should NEVER be messed with, then we will stay and I will remind her before every visit. If not, I have a few doctors in mind that might work for us. Almost a week after the visit, LM developed some redness. It seems to simply be irritation, and he has no pain or fever but he's spending his days naked and getting lots of warm baths just in case. I am sick at heart at how close he came to pain. I looked away to dig something out of his diaper bag and didn't even hear his diaper unsnap.

Even more than a week later, I'm still feeling so sick to my stomach with anxiety wondering if she could have caused some damage that hasn't shown yet. He seems fine except for some redness still. I've warned local moms about this doctor's ideas about care of intact boys and now, just have to wait and see if any problems occur.  

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