Sunday, December 4, 2011

My, err, LM's Amber Necklace And Meeting Santa

                                                        Little Man wearing our new necklace

       Awesome day over here. Hubs, Little Man and I went to go buy an amber teething necklace from a new facebook friend since Little Man is showing signs of starting teething. It's raw amber, lemonade color. Turns out, she lives two minutes down the road from us and is really cool. Her son, who's a older than LM, wouldn't ever wear the necklace. Hubs didn't think LM would wear it either. But I though even if he didn't, she was giving them to me at a really good price so it wouldn't be a huge loss. Her son looked like he was thinking about getting LM to move over and share when LM was eating. It's always awesome when someone says to feel to get comfy and nurse where ever you want. We spent a nice hour hanging out and now have a new IRL mommy friend- awesome.

  LM napped in the car and we went over to Bass Pro to try getting a pic of LM with the local guy in the red suit. Figured we'd start early in the month so if it went horribly, we could bail out without traumatizing LM and still have time to give it another shot later. See, one of the little misses in my life, in this case my six year old baby sister HATES the jolly red guy. And has since her very first Christmas. She loves random people but something about Santa sends her over the deep end. So one of the things I wanted to stick in the diaper bag was a bottle of vodka in case Santa needed it after meeting my little elf. Only, we don't really drink so there was nothing in the house to bring lol. Turns out though, we didn't need it thankfully. LM wasn't exactly thrilled but he was pretty chill. In the car on the way over, I tried on the necklace and it actually fits as an adult-size choker. Got our "bass pass" when we walked in, which gives you a set time to come get in line with a small group. Originally, they gave us a pass for 4:30, and it was only 2pm. I about cried, so the very nice woman doling out passed swapped it for a 2:30. Score! We had plenty of time for LM to nurse (on the very comfy) couch in the lobby and then to put on his bib, suspender-thingies and hat. I waited till the last minute since LM isn't really fond of bibs or hats. He freaked a little while standing in line (he inherited his impatience from his grandmother, not me I swear), so if you happened to be the Denham Springs Bass Pro and saw a crazy woman dancing in line to see the big jolly guy, that was me. Lol. With the bouncing and dancing, he calmed down and sat on the santa's knee very chill. On the guy's other knee was EmberBear, the MollyBear we received that weighs exactly what Ember did. We brought it with us for the picture, and I told the jolly guy a little about her. He was very sweet and handled EmberBear just as gentle as did LM. That almost made me cry right there but I was too busy trying to convince LM to look at the photographer. He didn't, but he was still cute and more importantly, not crying so I'm happy.

  I finally handed over the necklace once we got home. I already love it. I have jaw pain and I really think it helped. LM doesn't mind it at all. I tucked it under his onesie and he's paid it no attention. He'll only be wearing it under supervision and I'll probably wear it when he can't!

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