Thursday, December 29, 2011

Target Nurse-In Feels Like A Success

        I'm proud to say Hubs, Little Man and I all attended the nation-wide Target nurse-in yesterday at one of our local stores. Proud that we where a part of this. More than 250 stores had nurse-ins, with groups ranging from one mom-baby dyad to over 50 participants.  Our local nurse-in went great. Our group at one of the Baton Rouge stores had eight moms with too many babies, toddlers and big kids to count (one mom brought all five of her kids, who all rocked it), one dad (my Hubs) and one non-parent supporter (my awesome friend Emily). The big kids waved our signs when we where outside, one of them wearing a lactivist t-shirt. And one of the toddlers was wearing a boobie hat. He stole the show at one point dancing around in itAll of the moms are from our Facebook breastfeeding support group, which also got into the news clip. Oh yea, we had news crews for three different stations out there! I had called them to try and get them to cover it but as of leaving the house to head to Target, I had not heard back from them so I was surprised and thrilled when they showed up.

   Hubs, LM and I arrived first and ran around Target looking for "our" moms. After a bit of confusion, we got everyone gathered together in the cafe. We hung out there, getting lots of looks from both staff and the few shoppers already there but no one approached us. Once the news crews arrived, we went outside to talk to them and unrolled the signs (which we did not flash inside the store but they where positive messages anyway). We stayed out there for pictures, filming and interviews for about an hour. Then the reporter asked us to attempt to re-enter the store, to see how employees would feel us knowing the media was there. They largely ignored us, though some did make a point of walking by over and over. However, it didn't seem hostile, maybe curious. The news crews finally left. They where very nice, btw. After hanging out again in the cafe for awhile, having now been there for almost two hours, we decided to call it a success and go thank the manager for "allowing" us to hold the nurse-in without problems. We mentioned that several of our members had nursed openly in this store without problems and thanked him for that too. He seemed pleased by the exchange as well.

 LM and I nursing on the bench at the Target nurse-in. We where actually being filmed by one of the news crew while nursing then.
 Talking to another of the news crew
Some of us inside the cafe as the nurse-in was beginning to wind down.

  We where shown on at least three different stations, but two of them used the same clip. In one of the articles, my name is spelled wrong (a C for Katherine instead of a K) but still very, very cool personally and wonderful for the "cause."

And here's a story summing up the nurse-in afterwards. The Meghan Nolan quoted in there is a friend of mine and was at the same nurse-in as Hubs, LM and me.

I'm so glad we where a part of this. All the media coverage and the nurse-in itself has helped normalize breastfeeding (or natural feeding) if nothing else.

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