Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Happiness Project/NYRs

 2012 here we come, ready or not

   I'm nervous and excited for the coming year. What will it hold, besides hopefully LM growing up happily and well? A new job for Hubs? A driver's license finally for me? Me finishing school finally? New friends?

 I almost always make New Year's Resolutions. Don't do so well with keeping them, like many people. For 2011, pretty much the only one I made was to keep Ember's memory alive. I think I've done pretty well with this. She is a part of me always, and now she lives on through her brother. I believe she is not fully gone until the memory of her is allowed to die.

My NYRs for 2012 are fairly simple, and pretty much all things I've been trying to do anyway. I'm limiting myself to twelve, one for every month of the year. Though I actually wish to work on them all every month, I will pick one a month to focus on even more. This is my personal Happiness Project. I read Gretchen Rubin's one-year experiment themed book "the Happiness Project" a few months after Ember died and have it in the back of my mind every since. About two months ago, I reread it and loved it even more now. It is the inspiration for this twist on NYRs. Of course, I'm going to blog about this. Have I mentioned how much I love blogging, even in the tumbleweeds?

January: Simplify

February:  Prioritize Health

March: Lose All Baby Weight

April: Be More Present in the Moment

May: Complete Projects

June: Green Clean

July: Make and Preserve Memories

August: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

September: Parent with Integrity

October: Be More Social

November: Homemade Home and Life

December: Take Advantage of Opportunities

My hopes for 2012 are to watch LM grow up healthy and happy and to be happier myself <3

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