Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Baby's Independence: Almost 5months

     Every new thing we do together, every milestone he reaches and shows off, every tiny bit of growing up he does- it's like falling in love with him all over again. We're approaching five months old, and he's embracing growing up with heartily. Just in the last couple weeks, he's started a lot of new things (for him lol).

He likes to sit on the counter (supported) and explore anything/everything he can. Today it was the ceramic canisters and their metal scooping spoons. Kinda freaked Hubs out when he first saw it. LM was sitting nearby the knife block. It was out of arm's reach for him and he showed no interest in it though. I think "letting him meddle" on the counter was just unexpected to Hubs.

He loves to drink from a cup whenever he sees one. I let him have sips of water occasionally.... and hide to drink the rest of the time. He's spilled water on me numerous times because he wants it... and doesn't want to share. Doesn't spill when he gets a sip though. I wonder about if giving him water is a good idea though.

He's picking out his own clothes.  I hold him up to whatever section is appropriate (his clothes are divided by type hanging in the closet- onesies, sleepers, nice outfits etc). Whatever he grabs and pulls on, I help slip off the hanger. Sometimes he grabs a few and lets them go before pulling on one. Sometimes he's less interested and sometimes he gets very excited.  He carries it with us to the changing table and plays with it for a few minutes before letting go, then I put it on him. This does make changes take longer. It does mean my favorite outfits aren't on him. But it's so worth it to watch him enjoy this and take a bit of independence.

He can fall asleep on my (or Daddy's or Nana's) shoulder when we are out&about. He's also starting to fall asleep occasionally in his bouncer and his almost out-grown swing. Falling asleep without nursing down is a huge change.

He loves to watch the flame of a candle. Will happily stare at it for as long as I'll stand there with him. He'd love to grab for it, so must be watched and held out of reach of course. Really likes to smell my candles now too. The blueberry one was a hit, as was

He's become extremely interested in solids. Because of me not paying attention, he put his mouth on my sandwich the other day and kind of sucked on it.  Very displeased to have it taken away, kept licking his lips and trying to take it back. He's watching intently when we eat now. Our new thing as a family to have "picnic" dinners- we bring dinner to our bed, Hubs and I eat while talking and playing with LM. Feels like a family dinner even though LM isn't on solids yet. We're delaying solids till 6months.... but I think we when finally get there, he's going to have so much fun with it!

                                                                1st time in stroller

He's also tried out his stroller and exersaucer for the first times each respectively. The stroller he wasn't thrilled about, and I'm not a huge fan either. But it's in our trunk taking up space as an option when we go out. The exersaucer was a hit, he adores it even while teething. But I have some concern about possible problems with hip development in it, so I take him out as soon as he shows any weariness. Ten minutes is about average right now.

We're also babywearing more often, which I'm thrilled about. He's tolerating it more often, usually he stays in the sling for our entire daily walk now.

I've said this about every stage so far but..... I love this developmental stage!!! Getting into stuff and exploring is so amazing to watch. Sitting up is the only milestone I'm really hoping comes soon. I feel like he will enjoy playing alone a lot more once he can sit up. He was loving his bumbo time. I'd set him up in the bumbo with his Melissa&Doug bead maze on the tray and he'd squeal and giggle while playing. However, bumbo's are apparently for skinny-thighed babies. My chubs would have to be smushed in there, so no more bumbo time for him. Sad face.

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