Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Cut, A Shot and An Adjustment

       That sums up our week: a cut, a shot and an adjustment. It's been a busy week. 

First, the cut. Wednesday night, while Hubs was trying to cut LM's nails, he cut the end of his finger. It was a really bad night. It kept bleeding for several minutes even with direct pressure but stopped just when I was really starting to freak out. We cleaned it, put ointment on, a bandaid and then a mitten on his hand. You know, to keep him from eating the bandaid. He would. He totally would. Well, he was pretty calm through all of this but after eating, he couldn't settle down or leave his hand alone. While nursing, he kept trying to show it to me. Ouch. My heart felt like it was being punched. Seeing him in pain made me sick. Soon, from him hitting it against stuff and messing with it, he was crying again. It got bad enough to give him his first dose of tylenol. I'm not a fan of it, but LM was in pain. It's bubble gum flavor (see me rolling my eyes) and he drank it down like an alcoholic might gulp his first drink in a while. It quickly kicked in and he fell asleep. 

Thursday we where supposed to go to a La Leche League meeting, then a playdate and finally LM's first chiropractor appointment. Well, we over-slept and missed both LLL and the playdate. Ooops. But we made it in time for the chiro. Actually, we where early and checked out the international grocery store two doors down while we waited for them to open. This chiropractor is named Dr. Cathy, and her practice is called "Get Off My Nerves". Two women in my local breastfeeding group work for her there, and several moms in both the breastfeeding group and the parenting group go to her regularly. She does infant adjustments for free, and many moms bring their kids AND see her themselves. She got rave reviews, and several moms told me she works miracles for reflux. My mother and grandmother have and still are giving me so. much. crap. for bringing him to a chiro. They fully expect his neck to be snapped and have me so anxious I feel like throwing up. Hubs was a bit worried too, but is generally trusting of what I think is a good idea. This is partially a self-defense move so he doesn't have to read all the research I do. Another reason I had for bringing him for an adjustment was his difficult birth. He was stuck, and labor stalled for hours. I wish I could have gone in for an adjustment right before he was born, I think it would have changed how his birth went. He was born bruised, I was cut and we just narrowly avoided a c-section. I need to tell his birth story sometime. 

So we get there as they are opening for the day and hang out in the waiting room for a while. All the staff is complimenting my BIG boy and he eats cover-less without anyone blinking an eye. It's great going places where you know breastfeeding is welcome. They let me use an adjustment table to change his diaper and we wait. Reading the consent form increased my anxiety even more. Dr. Cathy talked to us and told us he would probably fuss during. Handing him over I was conflicted between the results of research, and rave reviews of friends I trust and all the craziness from my family. The back adjustment LM just laughed his little butt off during. Seriously, he was a giggle monster and I could tell how careful Dr. Cathy. The neck adjustment freaked me out, even though she was clearly very careful and gentle. LM didn't care one way or the other about it, he just fussed at being laid down. Soon as I picked him up, he went back to smiling. Three parts of his back, and one part of his neck on the right side where "out" according to her. I didn't tell her which side I'd noticed he was kinda stiff and awkward on beforehand: it was the right side. Laying down to nurse on his right side he just wasn't as comfortable. She said it usually takes 3-4 adjustments to see a real improvement in reflux. He promptly sick up badly when we got in the car, and it's been pretty much normal for him since then. A couple of active spit-ups and several times I've heard it come up into his throat. So maybe not as bad as normal but not a huge improvement. We tried to let him skip his zantac but gave it to him eventually because it was starting to burn his throat. However, he did take a four hour nap directly after we got home. That's unheard of around our house. A two hour nap is standard. He's also rolling over much easier and happier now. After waking up, he's no longer trying to stretch for ten or fifteen minutes like he usually does several times a day. Once when he did stretch today, Hubs heard his back pop and LM laughed.  I'm calling Monday to check-in with her and talk about when to bring him back. Seriously considering only doing the back adjustment from now on unless he starts to seem like he needs his neck done again. Fearful? Yes. 

Friday was his four month check-up. Four months and thirteen days old actually, or nineteen weeks, one day. It was kinda a mess to begin with. After his three month check-up, we made the next appt and got the little save-the-date card. It said Thursday at 9:30am. That just so happened to be thirty minutes before the LLL meeting was supposed to start. So Monday I called to change the time but one of the receptionist told me that it was *actually* Wednesday at 9:30am. I had her double check the day AND date for me but she confirmed that yes, it was Wednesday. So Wednesday morning we get up at 7am to from out tiny little city into and then across Baton Rouge, in all the morning-crazy-madness rush. Only to walk in and be told it *was* for Thursday. Annoying. So we changed it to Friday morning and let it go. Since we where in BR anyway, we went to Whole Foods... aka one of my favorite stores and got some new things to try. 

Going back Friday, it was your typical get there a few minutes and then wait 40 minutes after your appt. time thing. Spending forty minutes swaying in place to keep LM asleep on my shoulder while kids and parents cough, sneeze and touch stuff all around isn't my idea of fun or useful. Finally, LM's name was called and we got an exam room. I laid him down and woke him up undressing him. Gave me the stink eye for it. Don't blame it. I tried to get as much of him as possible on the scale and told the nurse jokingly that they needed a bigger one. She said LM needed to learn to sit on it. Hmmm. At 4.5months, he is 19.9lbs.... with his knees on down hanging off the scale. So he's still off the chart for weight, up from to 75th to 90th percentile for length and at 75th percentile for head size.  He is my big boy for sure. 

We consented to his second doses of DTaP and Rotateq for this appt. He had the first doses at his 2month, and has had nothing else. He'll get third doses of them at his 6month (his next appt) and then be done with RotaTeq. DTaP he'll get a fourth dose of around eighteen months,  then again around four years and then a booster at around twelve years. After his six month check-up, we might move on to giving Pc and HIB but not totally decided yet. I don't nurse him during shots because I was recovering from mastitis for his first one and his pedi was concerned about him possibly biting me severely while still feeling mastitis' effects. I had planned to nurse right after, but thanks to his thick thighs, he didn't notice the shot that time or at this last check-up. He gets his paci (normally only in the car) for it, but seems indifferent. 

Giving DTaP makes me nervous. If he reacts to it, I will never forgive myself. If he got pertussis and died from it, I would never forgive myself. Making decisions means living with them. He didn't even have any minor reactions to his first dose, and so far none after his second. For this, I feel lucky and blessed. 

Dealing with the retraction issue from the last appt. went very well. She merely agreed and while I don't think I changed her mind, she knows where I stand on the issue now. I'll be staying very vigilant though. I glossed over our sleeping arrangements but told her about our plans to begin baby-led weaning no sooner than six months and only after he was truly ready. She agreed and seemed interested but did mention something about giving an iron supplement after six months if he's not eating solids yet. We told her about the chiropractor visit and she asked about it a bunch. In the end, she shrugged and said she was glad he was rolling over easier. 

We really do like his doctor. We don't agree about everything, and the retraction last month could have been the end of us seeing her had it caused problems for LM. But she is someone who respects a parent's decision without guilt'ing or lecturing. 


  1. he is such a cute chunk! love those legs!!

    question- so, you feed him after the vaccines for comfort, or is there another reason (other than he might be hungry, of course.)

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