Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 Inches Simpler

My resolution to focus on in January is Simplify. 

 July 24th 2009- Two days after my 18th birthday, two and a half years ago. This was about a week after my last real hair cut. It's about an inch below my ears. I had it trimmed often but never cut any sign. length off of it after this. 
This was me about three months ago, maybe three and a half. LM was only a few weeks old. This is the most recent picture I can find of me with my hair down. I was already starting no poo here btw. My hair grows fairly fast, so it was longer than this but this gives you the basic idea. 

LM loves my hair. Oh, does he. Pulling and chewing and twirling around his fist, oh my hair is his favorite toy. He gave me the snarled, massive tangles to prove it. 

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago on my 43Things account- 
"In July 2010, for my 18th birthday I cut my shoulder length hair into a very short bob with bangs. Way too short and a bad cut. Boo. I let it grow until Dec 2010 when I got it cut a little bit again to fix the style the badly done bob had messed up. I had just found out I was pregnant with Ember. I haven’t cut it since. It’s now mid-back length. And I love it. Totally love the way it looks. Feel more feminine with it long. But it takes forever to blow-dry on the rare occasion I have a chance to and half a day to air dry loose. If I put it in a pony-tail to keep Little Man from eating, pulling or spitting up in it, it doesn’t dry at all in some layers. It’s colder now and going out with wet hair because I don’t have time to dry it is not only uncomfortable but bad for my hair itself.

I’m worried cutting off my rather pretty, long, thick curly dark hair will make my fat the focus instead of it :( I looked good with short hair at 18 but I was a lot skinnier."

    It doesn't look like a lot but it FEELS like a huge difference. I showered, washed and blow-dried my hair today. All with LM awake, playing. Without anyone else here to entertain him. First time EVER. I feel empowered! I feel liberated! I no longer have to schedule showers around when Hubs is home and awake. All because it no longer takes 30minutes *just* to wash my hair, which was way too long for LM's limited four month old's patience. 
        Not pixie short by any means (been there, done that) but short enough to be manageable in a new mommy's life. All of the knots from LM that didn't get cut away where easily brushed out. For the first time in months, my hair isn't making me crazy!
             As you can see, it's uneven. Far as I know, Hubs has never cut any female's hair before. He cuts his own, but that's by shaving it so not the same thing at all. It's not horribly uneven, and I'm going to make a quickie salon trip to have it evened up and maybe throw in some layers. Besides it being evened up to the shortest part, I think I'll probably have another inch or so taken off to for good measure.

I've made my life about eight inches simpler and it's a great way to start the new year. Also, I've now been shampoo-free for a couple months and it's going very well. I use a teaspoon and a half of baking soda with eight ounces of water in a peri bottle to wash every other day. About half the time I wash, I also use another solution to soften my hair. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in two ounces of water in a squirt bottle is perfect for spraying the ends of my hair with. However, I'm going to adjust that now because I have mostly cut off everything I was spraying it on. We'll see how this affects my routine, for the better!

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