Friday, January 27, 2012

No Poo Update: Setback

       So we've been no poo for a while (since November? I think) . Except that recently, situations have conspired against us. LM gets cradle cap every now and then. We treat it mostly with olive oil , which we then wash out with Earth Mana Angel Baby shampoo. It smells great and no toxins. And I was loving no poo. It was going excellent. But LM developed a habit of twirling my hair. On Christmas Day, I was so crazy with everything going on I didn't pay attention to how MUCH he was twirling my hair. He got annoyed and grunted at me. And I realized his hand was stuck in my hair. Big ol sigh. Slipped his hand out pretty easily, but my hair had a giant rat's nest looking knot in the middle of it. I spent a week or more conditioning it, oiling it, brushing it trying to get it out. Then I cut some of it, which helped a bit. Got Hubs to take off more. Took about nine inches off. So now I had tangle-free, uneven hair. An improvement at least. And surprisingly, I was happy to have the length gone. 

I went back to the old salon I used to visit every six weeks for a full round of highlights, dyeing and layering (once spent five hours there getting worked on). No highlights or dying it red this time. Kinda sad.... but why add excess chemicals? To something that LM plays with, touches, puts in his mouth? I don't feel as "pretty" or "done" without my old hair style- long, layered hair with razored bangs, dyed red with multiple-colored blonde highlights. But I probably look more grown-up. This time, I just got it cut, taking off several more inches. Well, my hair was shampooed and conditioned at the salon. So once again, I was set back on getting back to shampoo-free. My hair adjusted quickly last time, this time it's taking longer I think. Or it could just be the stops&starts are making it seem that way. Anyway, right now I'm back to needing to rinse with BS every other day at least. But only needing OACV once a week since so much of it is gone. 

 It's all a journey, not a destination right? This applies to so much in life, from the big things to the little things like hair. It's a bit annoying having to go through the detox process again, but it's not a big deal. 

           My even shorter hair! LM and I are doing a salute for a rainbow moms group here. It's the only pic I can think of showing how short my hair is now.

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