Thursday, February 23, 2012


     LM pooped in the toilet!!! Twice now! And peed!

I can't believe I just typed those sentences to post publicly. Or at all. Oh, how motherhood changes you.

I've known about EC vaguely since before LM was born. But I had very little interest in then, and knew NO one that did it. Then the founder of one of my favorite angel/rainbow mommy facebook groups announced no only was she attempting it..... but her son was now "potty trained" for solid elimination completely! She started trying with him when he was 5months. It's what her mom did with all of her children. Not normal for Americans. But VERY normal for MANY other parts of the world. She inspired at least one other mom in the group to try it, who soon also reported having success. I don't think either of them have actually used the words elimination communication when talking about this, at least not to me. I think it's a very new and not very wide-spread term for a very old practice. I know several other moms where intrigued at hearing about this but so far no one else has reported attempting or success either way.

Both these moms got me very curious about it..... They're friends of mine and both somewhere on the crunchy-spectrum. Their enthusiasm more than anything made me think about it. I care for LM's needs in every other way as quickly as possible. His elimination is the only thing that I don't help him with. Oh, of course I clean him afterwards but I'm usually holding him or within a few feet of him and know he is trying.... then I just wait for him to get it all over himself and only then help. This doesn't feel quite right. Still, I was kind of intimidated by the idea of EC taking a lot of time. LM is a very attached child and I don't have as much time as I feel like I need for house chores often. I don't want less LM time, just more kitchen-scrubbing time. Basically, I'm asking to add some hours to the day. Get right on that for me, thanks.

When I checked the local library system and found out that they have one copy of The Diaper Free Baby, I had to read it. But I had to wait for it to be returned, which seemed to take forever. If I ever win the lottery, one thing I will be doing is donating tons of great parenting books to libraries. Hubs finally picked it up on Monday and it is a great little book (a little over 200 pages). Not a hard or long read by any means. It's divided into sections based on ages (newborn, middle infancy and mobile infancy) and then has other chapters for different situations. Well, half-way into it, I was reading while LM slept. When he woke, I wanted to change his diaper for freshness anyway and decided why not give it a try just to see what he thinks of it.

He thought it was hilarious sitting there naked-butt and then he started pooping. I almost fell over I was so surprised, I was really doing it for the heck of it and certainly didn't expect a catch on the 1st try. He sat there for several minutes slowly doing his business and then got fussy, so I took him to his changing table to wipe him up. Much less mess on him that's for sure. We tried a couple more times the first day but no more catches. Teething ramped back up and I let it go because he was less than content.

Day two, on the first try, we caught a poop again, and pee. It's now Day three and so far none. I think the toilet is uncomfortable for him. Once Hubs gets paid, we're ordering him his very own potty. Actually, it's the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair that The Diaper Free Baby encourages.

Hubs totally disappointed me when I randomly told him LM needed a potty. We haven't talked about EC hardly at all, so i was expecting some sort of reaction. Yea, none. He was just like "k, I get paid this week" and kept cooking. I suspect he's getting used to unusual requests from me. Which takes a little fun out to be honest. My mother did her nervous little giggle like WTF and my grandmother was just surprised he didn't have his own potty yet. Which means I totally didn't reaction I was looking for from anybody. My not even six month old is pooping in the toilet, people! Show some surprise or excitement :P

Whatevs, I'm surprised and excited enough for all of them. LM mostly enjoys playing with the empty toilet paper holder thing. For now, we're going to be working on EC part-time. There's not a chance in this world of me interrupting our twelve-hour overnight sleep for potty breaks. No way am I giving that up. And until his potty arrives, I'm just going to try and catch his solid elimination while at home.

Now, for those with EC experience, anyone want to help me out:

1) LM likes to nurse while pooping. I don't think it's physically possible to do so while he's sitting on a potty. Any advice?

2) Nasty public bathrooms.... what do you do about EC in public?!

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