Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day In The Life of Us: Valentine's Day

    Oh Valentine's Day. St. Valentine. The day of love and romance. Cupid with his bow and arrows. Chocolate and flowers and cards. Materialism, greed and cliches.

Three years ago on Valentine's Day, it was our first most-romantic-holiday together. We'd been living together for several months by then. I had to spend the day running around to my sister's birthday party and shopping etc so it was very low-key.

Two years ago on Valentine's Day, Hubs and I got married. We where also expecting Ember, who we called our little Valentine. It was our last time before finding out about a late total placenta previa, which began the worrying period of her life. We got married in the botanical gardens in Florida. It was cool but sunny, and we wondered around the gardens holding hands before the ceremony. It was basically an elopement and there are no pictures- the only flaw of the whole day but a bad one for me who loves photos.

Last year on Valentine's Day, we had found only we where expecting LM only days before. It was a very bittersweet day (as basically everything is post-Ember's death) but we where nervous and excited about LM.

This year we where certainly busy.... but not exactly in the classic- dinner, wine, movie etc way lol. Hubs cooked salmon and homemade mac-n-(not)cheese the night before and his present to me is a large picture frame for the end of our hallway. But then we spent the night with him sleeping on the couch because neither LM or I got really much sleep at all. We where roaming around trying to get tired for most of the night. Once the sun finally came up, LM of course fell asleep. I hated having to wake him up, as I had to do several times today. Not a very amused baby. We started our day with LM and I going to the monthly La Leche League meeting. I <3 these meetings, wish they where every week instead of just monthly. I know most of the women from our local online groups on Facebook, so it's basically a face-to-face chat group. I don't drive (because I'm a sucky driver and not going to drive with LM in the car) so Hubs hung out in the car watching movies, went to get something to eat etc. Actually, I really don't know what he does during the meetings. Maybe he just sits there and enjoys the blessed and rare quiet.

After LLL, we went over to Starbucks to show our support of their open-carry policy. I love their frap's and cake pops but we don't often go because it gets pricey. Three of the other moms from LLL joined us. We took over the main corner of the store with all the comfy chairs and basically had our own little private nurse-in. One of the moms is a regular at that store and none of the staff so much as looked surprised. Somehow all the babes (from two months to toddler) timed their hungry and got their lunch on at the same time. One big brother, and of course Hubs where hanging out too. Nursing in public in groups always amuses me. Power in numbers after all ;)

                                                 LM and I at Starbucks on Valentine's Day

I had to drag myself (and Hubs and LM) away from the chatting and coffee for us to head over a couple streets to Get Off My Nerves chiropractor practice. LM's reflux has been flaring so we decided to go see Dr. Cathy. We didn't have an appt, instead we just dropped in. They fit us in within a couple minutes since it was a slow day. As usual LM loved his adjustment, and Dr Cathy's silly talking to him during. We where in and out in under ten minutes.

We came home for LM and I to crawl into bed for a way-too-long nap, and for Hubs to head to school. LM got to try out his new big-boy bath ring (Leahco Bather-go-round?). He's not ready for it really developmentally, but with Hubs supporting him while I watched/photographed/supervised he really enjoyed it. For now, until he's sitting better, it's just going to be an occasional treat when Hubs is home to help.

So certainly not the super-cliche romantic day, just another day in the life of us. Another good day that is.

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