Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey Avocado

    LM is saying "hey" and "hi"! Look at me like I'm crazy all you want, my 6.5month old is saying hey and hi. Often, clear and to get my attention. He ducks his head when we try to get him to say it, but eventually warmed up and said both to his G.G., Little Aunt Emily and grandfather. So at least I'm not the only who's heard it. 

Solids!!! Last weekend, I was hanging out at home with LM. He was playing on the floor but was getting fussy, so I picked him up to sit on the couch with me while I ate. He grabbed a piece of avocado and tried to pick it up. Mostly, he squished it and then tasted the mush on his hand. So I said what the heck, he's over six months and sitting up now, so why not. I brought the bumbo out and sat him down with some "fingers" of avocado.

Things I learned: Wanting to play with it does not mean he'll like the taste, and not liking the taste will not mean he stops putting it in his mouth. And avocado should be in much bigger pieces because of how mushy it gets.

 The next day, at my grandmother's house, he was offered some more avocado and banana. He was less interested today (out of his element) but played with it. Mostly, he was trying to get to the fried chicken on my plate. He coughed a bit after my grandmother scooped up some on her finger and put it in his mouth (a no-no, sigh). Not sure if it was out of surprise, gagging or just because he has a light cough right now.

So I guess we've officially began solids. But that's actually all he's had so far. We got red sweet potatoes intending to offer him some, but his teeth have been bothering him worse again, and today his reflux has flared for the first time in a while. So no playing with food for him today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. No pressure. Food before a year old is all about playing and exploring, as I keep having to repeat to certain people ;) He's certainly thriving on just milk after all.

In other news, we got an Ergo yesterday and we are loving it. Review coming soon, but really, who doesn't already know that Ergos rock?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sitting, Sensory Play and Solids

  LM is sitting, as I've announced on FB already :D  I am SO excited about this, it's probably my favorite milestone. It's opens up the possibilities for play so much. After about two weeks of being able to sit unsupported for as long as he wanted, today he actually sat up by himself for the first (and 2nd, and 3rd) time. Could. not. be. more. stoked. Seriously, you'd think my baby was the first to EVERY figure out how to sit up with how proud and excited I am. Bliss of motherhood- your baby's firsts might as well be the first's of the world. Anyway, by a friend/fan's request and my own desire to share how totally giddy I am, here's some shots of the play we've been doing now with LM sitting unsupported. I've yet to get a video of him actually sitting up because he's either shy or sneaky- he won't even do it if he knows we are watching. LOL. Makes me wonder if this was actually the first time he's done it since we know he's being sneaky about it. Despite that, I think it really was the first time he was successful because today he keeps becoming incredibly frustrated when he can't repeat it.

Forgive the badly edited shot of us on the splash pad. I had NO idea how low my shirt dipped when I leaned over like that. Didn't know until I saw this pic *facepalm*

Swinging in a bucket swing at the park, exploring metal kitchen utensils and playing in the water at the splash pad have been just some of the ways we've been celebrated his new milestone. We're having so much fun, just like he is. By the way, I totally recommend going to a park for sensory play. After all, sensory play is all about exploring. The splash pad at this park is just wonderful. The shot of us above shows LM sitting in front of the smallest fountain on it. He slapped at it, tried to catch, tasted it, got splashed etc. Loved it for a while but got bored or over-stimulated after a while. So we walked around the splash pad, letting him see all the other much bigger fountains and play with the ones he reached for.

Last week, we went to a meet-up at a local indoor playground with some of my friends. As a kid, I played there all the time. We got there early (how I have no idea) and while Hubs grabbed a bench and pulled out his laptop, I climbed (rather awkwardly) all over the play equipment with LM in tow. There was just a trio of young kids there, who's mom's where great about helping keep the kids from running over LM. Getting into the big climbing tower-thing (play equipment thing?) and being able to check it out really excited him. He totally lost the ability to balance from laughing so hard.

LM's six month check-up STILL hasn't happened despite us going there for it yet twice. It's so frustrating I can't even form coherent thoughts about it yet. Just AUGHHHH. But whatever. Delaying his 3rd doses of DTaP and Rotateq (only vaccines he's received) and arguing with his pedi about iron supplements another month works for me. So he'll get a seven month check-up instead, in about two weeks. I'm guessing he's about 22lbs now.

With LM over six months, sitting unsupported and now sitting up himself we're getting ready to try Baby-Led Solids. Today, I woke up to a  package waiting for me on the ottoman. Hubs' ordered Baby-Led Weaning for me as a surprise. Oh yea! Books are better than jewelry. Since we have both organic sweet potatoes and avocados right now, those will probably be on the menu. Can't believe he's old enough to start tasting and playing with dinner with us.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Hemp Fluff!

     New FLUFF! Oh, yea. New fluff always means a happy rambling mommy. This afternoon we visited the local diaper/baby store, Angel Britches. Favorite store ever, as I think I've mentioned before. I'd planned to get an all-hemp Happy Heiny's one-size diaper, a large Happy Heiny's Stuffin set, a Happy Heiny's So Simple cover and a pair of Babylegs. The HH trio are our leak-proof night-time diaper solution. They rock and I've been scheming to get two more sets ASAP. Today I just planned to get one set though, because of a lack of cash.  The Babylegs I've been wanting to try for two reasons: one, the cuteness factor and two the EC convenience. I planned to get the rainbow Babylegs, because I have a major love of all things rainbow because of LM being a "rainbow baby". 
Feeding at Angel Britches. My big boy and I really appreciate how comfortable the owner (and friend) make moms and babies feel here. Comfy recliner, not exiled to some small room, you can chat while LO gets their meal. There's a changing table just out of the picture and she keeps bottled water to hand out. 

    However, I ended up with different items. They were out of the rainbow Babylegs, and since there was no plans to order more until after summer, I picked another set. The cute owls grabbed Hubs' attention and they match his orange Fuzzibunz one-size perfectly. The name of these are Hoot. I had to try them as soon as we got home and LOVE THEM. They REALLY are awesome for EC'ing. We'll be getting a few more pairs with Hubs' next paycheck. 
They rock. Now he needs t-shirts. LM has SO MANY onesies, maybe three  t-shirts. I wasn't planning to do EC :/ 

Then, while chatting and browsing, I found the Fuzzibunz hemp inserts. They were three for $16 instead of the Stuffin's $12 each, so I have to give them a try. Next, I found the Happy Heiny's hemp&PUL combination diapers. With the addition of the PUL, they were only a  couple dollars higher than the all-hemp one-sizes but don't need a cover. Since the cover is nearly as much as the diapers themselves, the hemp&PUL combo is def. better value if it works just as well. I'll update about this soon. Since I wasn't having to buy a cover, I got another diaper. Yay! 

Today's goodies from Angel Britches! Two diapers, Happy Heiny's brand. Three inserts, Fuzzibunz brand. One pair of leg warmers, Babylegs brand.

These are the inserts. I choose the large, and they def. are! Very generous sizing, even on the biggest setting, there's a little left out of the pocket of these diapers. Not the same brand, so a difference is not surprising. 

          The green with brown bears is set to the smallest, while the cow print is the largest. Here's a few pics to see how much of a difference. I really think these will fit LM longer than the Fuzzibunz one-size. 

BTW, I picked the cow print. Hubs' actually was the one who suggested LM pick the second one. I feel guilty for not thinking of this myself. I held up the three remaining options, and LM selected this one eagerly. It's kinda mint green with various brown bears on it. Some of them are holding peace signs. 

 The green is snapped as tightly as possible, but the cow print could actually be looser. There are two rows of snaps on each side but if you needed it to be wider/looser, you could of course only snap it as far as the first row. Does that make sense? 


     Above is the diapers closed and now stuffed. I have two inserts in the cow print and could easily fit at least one more. My experience with hemp so far tells me this won't be necessary but it is def. an option. The green has one insert in it. However it's a large folded in half. Fits very nicely like this. 

I'm really hoping these hemp and PUL combo diapers work as well as the all-hemp with So Simple cover. I'll update after a few nights to see how they work! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 1st Half Birthday LM

    Oh baby baby, where has time gone?! My little man is six months old! We thought about doing a family dinner aka little party but then I quickly realized LM would not be ready for solids and thus the idea of a cake wouldn't happen. The plan kinda frizzled out after that. We did mark his birthday with a brand new potty of his very own, and of course lots of pictures. We are also getting him two new toys- a Green Sprouts teether key ring and a Haba Sunni clutching toy but haven't gotten them ordered yet. They aren't so much about getting him "presents" as being good quality, "useful" toys that he will benefit from.

Which is how I want presents to be always. Not just for the sake of buying something, but good quality useful items that he will benefit from. And having fun and exploring is VERY useful for a baby or older child too. Toys, whether from a company or from normal household items, are the tools of children at their work of learning through play.

I'm really shocked how fast time goes with LM. That saying "the days are long but the years are short" is half-wrong, for us at least. Even the days are short, time is flying by. Six months ago, I finally saw his blue eyes for the first time. Today, they're still blue but the face around them has changed so much.

He was born weighing seven pounds and twelve ounces. He's twenty-one and a half pounds now, almost triple his birth weight. He's trying to sit up on his own, and can stay up for a minute or two without support if he's helped up. Then he loses interest and plops over. He sucks his thumb now, and sleeps in for a while after I've gotten out of bed in the morning. Chewing on his feet thrills him, though he really can only do without a diaper on. When it comes to his feet, absence only makes the heart grow fonder I suppose. He goes wild when taking a bath, so much so that my grandmother won't bath him anymore. Arms and legs failing everywhere, I don't think I've ever seen a baby who loves a bath more than him. It's not just bathtime either, he's becoming more physical about everything. Cuddling with him during the day is leaving me feeling mauled and beat up. Yesterday, he smacked me in the eye so hard it hurt for an hour and later left a bloody scratch under that same eye. If you see me wearing an eye patch, you'll know who's responsible. I def. remember this stage with my sister. It climaxed in the moment she run up to me for hugs (laying on the couch, corned) with a plastic toy farmhouse in her hand. My mouth bore the brute of that, with a swollen split lip but my chin was fairly bruised as well. Walking that off so she didn't realize HOW MUCH IT HURT wasn't the easiest thing ever.

Crawling is just barely beginning to interest him but he hasn't figured it out yet. With his distaste of being on his stomach still strong, I wonder if he'll be one of the few babies who just never crawls but instead waits until they can walk. He'll ride in the sling for up to an hour, a huge improvement for him considering it used to just be a five-minute thing.. Recently laying down to play is boring him more and more.  I spend more than a little time helping him sit up to play. He's only been in his stroller once or twice ever and didn't think it was that great either. I still ride in the backseat with him but he's gone for a few rides with just Hubs and been mostly content. If he's distracted because we're away from home, he'll go without naps or eating for several hours but at home during the day he still eats and sleeps quite a bit. Eating every two or threes hours, usually an hour nap after every meal though he has been skipping naps more lately.

Zantac is no longer part of his life, thanks to (I think) a combination of aging and his chiro Dr. Cathy. Sometimes we still have bad days with the reflex, but we had them on the zantac too. He almost never has gas anymore. I'm really beginning to think he has a sensitivity I haven't discovered yet. Gluten maybe? Tomatoes, beans and  DAIRY all bother him, though I can have small amounts of the beans and tomatoes and tiny amounts of the dairy without upsetting his stomach.

The EC is going pretty well considering we've JUST started getting into it. We're only averaging one solid catch a day, mostly missing all wet but have caught a few. I'm thinking it's time to roll up our living room rug for a while.  Those who do EC- how do you clean LO's potty? I've been using wet wipes but it seems wasteful. I use cloth wipes for LM at diaper changes.... *Update* someone in the comments on Crappy's Pictures' post about cloth diapers answered this for me! That nifty little diaper sprayer we've never used because his poop is watery-all-breastmilk-washer-safe and may never use since we're catching most poops? Yep, perfect potty sprayer apparently. Can't wait to get it hooked up and try!

We're going to be starting really working on the Baby Sign Language. I've been using it sporadically for a while for but know I want to get much more consistent with it. Right now, I'm just signing milk and potty. He keeps swatting my hand away and either laughing at me or very pointedly ignoring me....

   Basically, LM is growing and thriving, healthy and happy. And I am totally in awe of him for just being himself, and mine to watch over. Watching him grow is exciting to me in a way I couldn't ever explain but many moms understand anyway.