Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey Avocado

    LM is saying "hey" and "hi"! Look at me like I'm crazy all you want, my 6.5month old is saying hey and hi. Often, clear and to get my attention. He ducks his head when we try to get him to say it, but eventually warmed up and said both to his G.G., Little Aunt Emily and grandfather. So at least I'm not the only who's heard it. 

Solids!!! Last weekend, I was hanging out at home with LM. He was playing on the floor but was getting fussy, so I picked him up to sit on the couch with me while I ate. He grabbed a piece of avocado and tried to pick it up. Mostly, he squished it and then tasted the mush on his hand. So I said what the heck, he's over six months and sitting up now, so why not. I brought the bumbo out and sat him down with some "fingers" of avocado.

Things I learned: Wanting to play with it does not mean he'll like the taste, and not liking the taste will not mean he stops putting it in his mouth. And avocado should be in much bigger pieces because of how mushy it gets.

 The next day, at my grandmother's house, he was offered some more avocado and banana. He was less interested today (out of his element) but played with it. Mostly, he was trying to get to the fried chicken on my plate. He coughed a bit after my grandmother scooped up some on her finger and put it in his mouth (a no-no, sigh). Not sure if it was out of surprise, gagging or just because he has a light cough right now.

So I guess we've officially began solids. But that's actually all he's had so far. We got red sweet potatoes intending to offer him some, but his teeth have been bothering him worse again, and today his reflux has flared for the first time in a while. So no playing with food for him today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. No pressure. Food before a year old is all about playing and exploring, as I keep having to repeat to certain people ;) He's certainly thriving on just milk after all.

In other news, we got an Ergo yesterday and we are loving it. Review coming soon, but really, who doesn't already know that Ergos rock?

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