Friday, March 2, 2012

New Hemp Fluff!

     New FLUFF! Oh, yea. New fluff always means a happy rambling mommy. This afternoon we visited the local diaper/baby store, Angel Britches. Favorite store ever, as I think I've mentioned before. I'd planned to get an all-hemp Happy Heiny's one-size diaper, a large Happy Heiny's Stuffin set, a Happy Heiny's So Simple cover and a pair of Babylegs. The HH trio are our leak-proof night-time diaper solution. They rock and I've been scheming to get two more sets ASAP. Today I just planned to get one set though, because of a lack of cash.  The Babylegs I've been wanting to try for two reasons: one, the cuteness factor and two the EC convenience. I planned to get the rainbow Babylegs, because I have a major love of all things rainbow because of LM being a "rainbow baby". 
Feeding at Angel Britches. My big boy and I really appreciate how comfortable the owner (and friend) make moms and babies feel here. Comfy recliner, not exiled to some small room, you can chat while LO gets their meal. There's a changing table just out of the picture and she keeps bottled water to hand out. 

    However, I ended up with different items. They were out of the rainbow Babylegs, and since there was no plans to order more until after summer, I picked another set. The cute owls grabbed Hubs' attention and they match his orange Fuzzibunz one-size perfectly. The name of these are Hoot. I had to try them as soon as we got home and LOVE THEM. They REALLY are awesome for EC'ing. We'll be getting a few more pairs with Hubs' next paycheck. 
They rock. Now he needs t-shirts. LM has SO MANY onesies, maybe three  t-shirts. I wasn't planning to do EC :/ 

Then, while chatting and browsing, I found the Fuzzibunz hemp inserts. They were three for $16 instead of the Stuffin's $12 each, so I have to give them a try. Next, I found the Happy Heiny's hemp&PUL combination diapers. With the addition of the PUL, they were only a  couple dollars higher than the all-hemp one-sizes but don't need a cover. Since the cover is nearly as much as the diapers themselves, the hemp&PUL combo is def. better value if it works just as well. I'll update about this soon. Since I wasn't having to buy a cover, I got another diaper. Yay! 

Today's goodies from Angel Britches! Two diapers, Happy Heiny's brand. Three inserts, Fuzzibunz brand. One pair of leg warmers, Babylegs brand.

These are the inserts. I choose the large, and they def. are! Very generous sizing, even on the biggest setting, there's a little left out of the pocket of these diapers. Not the same brand, so a difference is not surprising. 

          The green with brown bears is set to the smallest, while the cow print is the largest. Here's a few pics to see how much of a difference. I really think these will fit LM longer than the Fuzzibunz one-size. 

BTW, I picked the cow print. Hubs' actually was the one who suggested LM pick the second one. I feel guilty for not thinking of this myself. I held up the three remaining options, and LM selected this one eagerly. It's kinda mint green with various brown bears on it. Some of them are holding peace signs. 

 The green is snapped as tightly as possible, but the cow print could actually be looser. There are two rows of snaps on each side but if you needed it to be wider/looser, you could of course only snap it as far as the first row. Does that make sense? 


     Above is the diapers closed and now stuffed. I have two inserts in the cow print and could easily fit at least one more. My experience with hemp so far tells me this won't be necessary but it is def. an option. The green has one insert in it. However it's a large folded in half. Fits very nicely like this. 

I'm really hoping these hemp and PUL combo diapers work as well as the all-hemp with So Simple cover. I'll update after a few nights to see how they work! 

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