Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sitting, Sensory Play and Solids

  LM is sitting, as I've announced on FB already :D  I am SO excited about this, it's probably my favorite milestone. It's opens up the possibilities for play so much. After about two weeks of being able to sit unsupported for as long as he wanted, today he actually sat up by himself for the first (and 2nd, and 3rd) time. Could. not. be. more. stoked. Seriously, you'd think my baby was the first to EVERY figure out how to sit up with how proud and excited I am. Bliss of motherhood- your baby's firsts might as well be the first's of the world. Anyway, by a friend/fan's request and my own desire to share how totally giddy I am, here's some shots of the play we've been doing now with LM sitting unsupported. I've yet to get a video of him actually sitting up because he's either shy or sneaky- he won't even do it if he knows we are watching. LOL. Makes me wonder if this was actually the first time he's done it since we know he's being sneaky about it. Despite that, I think it really was the first time he was successful because today he keeps becoming incredibly frustrated when he can't repeat it.

Forgive the badly edited shot of us on the splash pad. I had NO idea how low my shirt dipped when I leaned over like that. Didn't know until I saw this pic *facepalm*

Swinging in a bucket swing at the park, exploring metal kitchen utensils and playing in the water at the splash pad have been just some of the ways we've been celebrated his new milestone. We're having so much fun, just like he is. By the way, I totally recommend going to a park for sensory play. After all, sensory play is all about exploring. The splash pad at this park is just wonderful. The shot of us above shows LM sitting in front of the smallest fountain on it. He slapped at it, tried to catch, tasted it, got splashed etc. Loved it for a while but got bored or over-stimulated after a while. So we walked around the splash pad, letting him see all the other much bigger fountains and play with the ones he reached for.

Last week, we went to a meet-up at a local indoor playground with some of my friends. As a kid, I played there all the time. We got there early (how I have no idea) and while Hubs grabbed a bench and pulled out his laptop, I climbed (rather awkwardly) all over the play equipment with LM in tow. There was just a trio of young kids there, who's mom's where great about helping keep the kids from running over LM. Getting into the big climbing tower-thing (play equipment thing?) and being able to check it out really excited him. He totally lost the ability to balance from laughing so hard.

LM's six month check-up STILL hasn't happened despite us going there for it yet twice. It's so frustrating I can't even form coherent thoughts about it yet. Just AUGHHHH. But whatever. Delaying his 3rd doses of DTaP and Rotateq (only vaccines he's received) and arguing with his pedi about iron supplements another month works for me. So he'll get a seven month check-up instead, in about two weeks. I'm guessing he's about 22lbs now.

With LM over six months, sitting unsupported and now sitting up himself we're getting ready to try Baby-Led Solids. Today, I woke up to a  package waiting for me on the ottoman. Hubs' ordered Baby-Led Weaning for me as a surprise. Oh yea! Books are better than jewelry. Since we have both organic sweet potatoes and avocados right now, those will probably be on the menu. Can't believe he's old enough to start tasting and playing with dinner with us.

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