Friday, April 6, 2012

If You Give A Baby A Spoon...

            you might end up with a happy baby, a mess and some great pictures. At least that's how it played out here. We're getting into solids more, a couple times a week now. I was munching some cilantro hummus from the farmer's market and LM was trying eagerly to get into my plate. After he managed to swipe some into his mouth and loved it, I gave in and sat him down. He didn't seem to be enjoying using his hands, so I handed over my spoon. It was love at first touch. And yes, it was messy. But as someone who's fed several babies and watched many a young child eat..... not that messy in comparison. He got a little in his hair and that would have been the hardiest to clean if he had more hair but we jump into the bath after he eats anyway. I know even many parents who are into Baby Led Solids avoid utensils as long as possible because of the extra clean-up but I just found it to be part of the fun. Not something I'd do in a restaurant probably anytime soon.... but I don't exactly see him eating a lot of restaurant food now or later. Too much salt, sugar and who only knows what else.

            Cilantro hummus is his clear favorite so far. He stayed interested in it the longest, seemed to enjoy the taste and ate all of it he could.

                                       Last night, we shared half a raw yellow bell pepper.

Despite that face above, he did seem to like the bell pepper slices. After several tastes of it, he stopped scrunching up his nose in surprise and was soon trying to cram two slices into his mouth at once. Several times, he bite off a piece and considered it for a while before pushing it off of his mouth. He knew he couldn't handle it and took care of it himself. Not a problem, though I must admit- I was nervous watching. Not too bad, but I stopped taking photos once he begin biting off pieces so my hands where free.

   He had cantaloupe recently too. The coolness of it, shape and smell of it all seemed to appeal to him. But the taste of it must not have or he just wasn't feeling it because he lost interest after just a couple minutes.

And a couple days ago, he also got to gnaw on some bread and bite off a piece. He sent my grandmother's kitchen into an uproar over that, which is kind of funny now but wasn't then.

Tonight's menu for LM is bananas (which he's tried before but not really liked) and maybe some more bell pepper slices. I don't follow the 4-day/7-day "rules" about introducing new foods. I've done enough research to be comfortable with only doing that for high allergy-possibility foods and we won't be introducing those yet anyway. We do watch for any possible ill-effects like rash, upset stomach etc but at this point LM isn't really even ingesting much of it anyway (besides the hummus!). We're just having fun and it's great!

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