Wednesday, April 25, 2012

May Media Detox

    I don't remember ever using a tape, all my childhood music was on cds (my mom says she had lullabies and toddler music for me on tape though). As far as I remember, my elementary school just "always" had a computer lab. I know I was using it in kindergarten. I have no idea when exactly I first used the internet. It's just always been there for me. I started using cell phones in elementary school. I started my first Myspace account in middle school. I joined Facebook my first year of high school and had no idea how new it was.  The few times as a teenager when we didn't have internet, I would haul my butt on foot or by bus to the nearest library several times a week. I never willingly went without media or gadgets. I slept with my cell in my bra so I could be woken up by the vibration of incoming texts. My mother used to take my cell phone battery out of my phone when I was on restriction. I had two extras at any given time because I could NOT be without it. I taught my mother how to IM. 

  All of that should let you guess my age. I'm 20 years old, born in 1991. A dedicated member of Generation M (media). And I never questioned that until becoming a mom. Now though, I'm looking at media through a different lens. And thinking- I need to take a step (or four) back. Recently I read "The Winter of Our Disconnect" and it really struck me that I'm part of the kids in that book's generation, not the moms. The same thing occurred to me when I read Generation Text.  What kind of parents are Generation M'ers? And what will media consumption look like for OUR kids? Right now, the children born after 2010, are babies and toddlers. But they are def. the beginning of a new generation. They can use iPads before they're potty trained. They can work YouTube better than their grandparents. What will this even-faster, even-younger and even more consuming media appetite do for them? 

I believe in no screen-time under 5. And limited after that. I love social media, and a good Friends marathon is perfect for a rainy afternoon. I am on Facebook and that even more ensnaring addiction Pinterest every time LM nurses to sleep during the day. I don't even want to count up how much time that is. Because it would probably horrify me. Which is just another reason I'm going on a semi-media ban for the month of May. It's not a full-media ban, because I would lose my schmit without books (which yes, are just an old-fashion form of media). 

So here are my personal rules for my May Media Detox:

1. Zero Facebook and Pinterest time from May 1st until May 31st except for May 23rd when a good non-local friend's baby is scheduled to arrive via necessary c-section. 
2. Once a day at most email checks (, email me!) 
3. Tv/videos are only on when Hubs is home and wants to watch. And I'll be discouraging that
4. Google and internet in general only when I really  need it. No more random WILF'ing!!!
5. Will still be blogging! And hopefully without all my other internet-distractions, it will be much more frequent

* I won't be posting the links to new posts on my Facebook page, because yep, that would violate the Facebook ban. Any readers who want to do it though, feel free! 

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