Sunday, April 22, 2012

What We've Been Up To- April

   Mostly, we've been sick.

All three of us.

Yea, blugh.

Mommies shouldn't get sick. We all know there's no such thing as mommy sick days. I'm drinking elderberry syrup, Hubs is taking random OTC meds and LM is getting Hyland's cold tablets as needed. But mostly we're coughing and feeling crappy all day. For two weeks now. Sigh. Hubs is mostly over it if not completely and LM is mostly mocking my coughing at this point. Mainly, I'm the one who can't shake it. A less than great immune system seems to go hand in hand with my chronic pain.

Since we're feeling better these last couple days, we participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change yesterday! We set a record for our city (Baton Rouge) with 36 pairs.

 The host for our city is a friend of mine, and the owner of my favorite store- Angel Britches. She handed out goodie bags.... and coupons for buy 1 get 1 half-price. And then announced that if you came in after the Change, it would actually be get one free. Oh yea!

We went straight from the library (our rainy day back-up location for the Change) to Angel Britches, along with several other of the participating mamas LOL. We where in a hurry to get to my sister's karate tournament but as an official cloth diaper addict, I couldn't pass up a deal. I picked BumGenius snaps to get in Albert and Lovelace. Sooooo pretty. Also, bought all the small and regular size Fuzzibunz mama cloth she had, 10 in all since I heard they're being discontinued. So don't actually need them yet (yet another reason breastfeeding is awesome) but have them on hand whenever. Was thrilled to learn that Angel Britches is moving into a bigger store this week! 300 more square feet for diapers, toys and more! Way back in October when I first found AB, Stephanie (owner) had told me she was trying to lease a bigger store so I'm very excited it's finally worked out.

What else have we been up to? Well, my identity was stolen. I apparently bought a house back in 2008, which was the start of it. In 2008, I was 16/17 years old btw. Def. not buying houses. So we've been working on sorting that out. Spending literally hours sitting in the IRS waiting room with LM is NOT exactly fun. They don't even have changing tables in the bathrooms, so after a few hours I had to balance him between the sinks to change him. It was narrow and too short and he tried eating everything he could get and rolling off. My nerves where shot by the time I finally got him redressed. But while waiting, he was actually very zen. They had small benches so he could sit next to me and play. I was really, really impressed with how well he handled having to be contained and just wait for so long, especially while sick. His only complaint seemed to be me not letting him wiggle down to the (very nasty) floor. Collected a bunch of compliments on his calmness and cuteness, which of course no mama is going to turn down.

LM's been trying a few new foods, though we're still just not big into doing solids. He's getting close to 8months old and it's just not clicking with us yet. He likes it sometimes, mostly to play with and taste a bit but still only 2-3x a week is he interested when I offer him something. Which is fine with me. Right now, it seems like he goes back and forth with liking a particular food too. He does seem to like the flavor of the herb dill though.

I'm also checking out convertible carseats. LM was 22.9lbs and 28inches long at his 7month check-up. His infant seat is a Britax B-Safe, which goes up to 35lbs and 32inches. So we have a while, which is good because it's going to take a while to do all the research LOL. The Radian rxt was the seat we where planning on getting, but now I'm not so sure. It's a GREAT seat, but maybe there's something better. In the UK, Britax has a seat that goes up to 55lbs RF, whereas the rxt only goes up to 45lbs RF. I've been drooling over that Britax seat this afternoon. It's called the Max-Way and I'm going to be calling Britax to see if there are any plans to bring this seat to the U.S. And there's another seat debuting here this summer- it's called the Foonf by Clek and you should check it out. It goes up to 45lbs RF like the Radian but it's taller. If it comes out before LM outgrows his infant seat, it might be the way we go.

Just read the Winter of Our Disconnect- about a single mom and her three teenagers who unplug for six months. The fourteen year old actually moves out in protest (to live with her father) but then comes back home despite the no-screen rules. It talks about how Digital Natives (aka Generation M, born 1990 and later, aka MY generation) have major screen-time addictions. Which is true and only going to get worse unless we as parents wake up to the problems with this. It was not only an interesting read but a truly funny read. AND despite her children now being teenagers, the mom references breastfeeding (positively) several times throughout the book. I actually found this at our local library.... and started reading it while still in the parking lot! For me, it serves as a warning manual, another sign to never let screens take over, to not let us get THAT bad.

I'm actually thinking of doing a media detox around here, maybe for the month of May. Not from blogger though, so maybe more of a Facebook and Pinterest detox, the two biggest addictions for me. I do have to say I've excited that in just a couple months our cable contract will be up and we'll just be getting internet and phone service, not cable when we renew!

^ While talking about media, there's a pic of my not even 8month old playing with a laptop. That laptop is the new one that makes us a 2-adult, 3-laptop family. Yeaaaa. We also have 3 tv's. In my defense, the laptop was either off or had a dead battery at the time. But still, sigh. Hubs is a techie, he loves all forms of media technology (except Facebook and Pinterest) and is going to school for computer programming. So we'll never manage to be a NO computer family. Unless I want him to spend hours and hours at Starbucks using their wi-fi.

LM showing off his new Lovelace BumGenius one-size with snaps!

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