Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Lab Rat and the Eczema Monster

    Hubs says I've turned LM into a lab rat. My grandmother had a slightly better spin on it- she just called him a guinea pig. And I haven't called my mother because I don't want a third opinion on how I've-turned-my-baby-into-a-science-experiment. You would have thought I was dropping him off for the day at the Biomedical Research Center next door to the farmer's market (there really is a biomed research center next to the farmer's market location now, more on that later though LOL).

 Tuesday, LM made 8months old and was supposed to have a shot-only visit to get his first dose of HIB. But the night before, I decided I couldn't risk vaccinating him while he was in such a bad flare. So I called to change the appt. type from "shot-only" to "sick". Next week, if he's healed up enough, we're going to go back for the vax. His pedi checked it out and confirmed it seemed to just be eczema (roseola is going around) and gave us a script for a topical steroid for the two worst spots. He def. DOES have a problem with heat rashes as well though. Since we live in Louisiana and already do avoid bringing him out into hot weather, this is going to be a hard issue to work around. She briefly mentioned things like "infection" and "oral steroids" and "hospitalization". Sufficiently freaked out, we tried to fill the script that night and ran into some pharmacy/insurance/doctor disagreements that delayed it. So we continued treating at home with everything from Aveeno oatmeal products, topically applied (human) milk, coconut oil, etc. The rash was being soothed and yet still worsening. On Thursday morning, in the car on the way to the farmer's market, both his leg and fingers began bleeding again. It was early in the morning and still pleasantly cool, so we felt safe bringing him out yet that didn't help.

The product LM (and I too a little) is testing is a skin healing cream designed for infants with severe eczema and chemotherapy patients dealing with skin problems as a result of the toxic medicine they're using to try and save their life. It's made by a local small business called Bocage Bee and Honey. They have a physical store but they also set up at the farmer's market which is how I found them. We already eat their honey (Very Cherry!) and I drool over their candles/chapstick/soaps etc. But at the last Thursday morning market, I got to talking to one of the employees and ended up showing her LM's poor, bleeding little leg. She went to talk to a co-worker and came back to offer to let LM test this product. It's currently being tested through pediatricians and oncologists, and has been tested by several other babies too, all with good results so far. They're a local, natural-minded business and I am THRILLED for LM to have the chance to try this product before it's release.  She told me the ingredients AND what's NOT in it (like zinc oxide) which just confirmed to me that this was a great product-in-the-making. It's base is beeswax of course and it's only naturally scented. They do already have other skin care items but nothing quite like this.

They didn't have any of the tester cream with them, so they sent us to their physical store not far away. We've never been and actually didn't know it existed. When we got there, they hadn't actually called the guy holding-down the store yet so we waited and looked around. Just a couple minutes later, she called from the farmer's market and soon we where hooked up with a small tub to try. And with all of their awesome products, I'd better never go there the day after Hubs gets paid because I'd love to try them all!

My first impression upon using this was how easily it went on, how nice it smelled and how great it felt. It's super-light feeling, though it's actually quite thick. I'm guessing this is because it's whipped. The scent is very low and nice. It's also natural, so I'm not worried about it (it's a fruit oil I think). Once on, it's smooth, not sticky at all and rubs in easily. I'm putting it on every one of LM's bad spots with each diaper change and potty break. The less-severe spots, I'm applying it a couple times a day. Also, I'm using it on my elbows, where I have eczema, a few times a day.

Just eight hours and 2 or 3 applications in and I was in love already! The worst spot, on his leg, was much less red and hadn't bleed since before the first application. We finally where able to pick up the topical steroid cream that (Thursday) night but since the beeswax cream was already helping so much we didn't use it right away.

It's been two days now and to begin with- he hasn't bleed since. That in itself is a huge improvement. Also, we still haven't felt the need to resort to the topical steroid. His fingers look "normal" again and feel soft and smooth save for the two or three of the deepest cracks. These cracks still feel much better now but will take a while longer to completely heal. If he'd stop sucking them, I think they'd be almost back to perfect now. The open spots on his leg have scabbed over and are healing well now. The rash around them has smoothed out dramatically and is almost back to the normal color. All the other, less-severe spots are almost unnoticeable now. His healthy skin is soft as butter. The only place still not looking GREAT is his face. And that's mostly because I'm wary of putting it onto his cheeks and him rubbing it in his eyes. In fact, I'm sort of thinking of rubbing a bit in my eyes to test it out (did this with the coconut oil btw, and it's fine). He's no longer batting at the spots or trying to scratch. It is wonderful!!! I really could not be more satisfied. My own "spots" are much better as well, and nothing has ever helped them.

So basically, I just want to stockpile a lifetime supply of this for LM and I, and make sure everyone else knows they NEED to check this out once it's available to buy.

Oh, when asked for her opinion (she has become really awesome about not "offering" a less than stellar opinion unless asked, my mom had this to say: "well, I kinda just thought your whole life was a science experiment, so what's new?". Best part is, I'm not sure she realizes how funny that statement is LOL.

Oh, and about the biomedical research center: Our farmer's market has two weekly days year-round and a third during the summer. Saturday is the big day, Thursday's the second of the year-round days and Tuesday is the summer-only day. Each are in a different location and this week, the Thursday location changed. It's now set up in the parking lot of the Penningston Biomedical Research Center. The Center so far has been awesome- making sure the area was clean and dry for the market, and it's employees where walking over to buy the ready-made products to snack on. The vendors and customers feelings where mixed about this new location. Some where just vaguely uncomfortable with being this close and associated with a medical research corp. Others where discontent enough to consider dropping out of the Thursdays market and sticking to the other days/locations. And others where just pleased with the bigger area and good treatment from the center. One vendor in particular whispered that the center does stem cell research, which she doesn't mind but knows it's a religious/moral issue for some. As for myself, I don't think buying my organic food from the parking lot of a research center has to be a moral issue.

Sorry for the lack of photos BTW, camera got left at my grandmother's house and not retrieved yet!


  1. YAY So glad the new lotion is keeping his ecxama in check!!! Also wanted to share this site Personalized Frames!!/personalizedframes She has these cute lyric frames that I thought Rainbow mommas might like beacause they can put a special song on the frame and a pic of their rainbow in them! Just passing it along!

  2. try emu oil it works wonders on eczema