Friday, August 17, 2012

Beeswax Eczema "Miracle Cure"

 Ok, it's not really a "miracle" cream but it sure is close to a miracle!

  As some of ya'll might remember, back at the beginning of May, LM was dealing with a bad eczema flare-up and used a tester product that we loved. This cream is from Bocage Bee and Honey Co. and it is amazing. Faster than I could have even hoped, it cleared up the eczema.

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 Unfortunately, just a couple weeks later, the eczema returned in the same spot. Because the cream wasn't released yet, we couldn't get anymore. This flare-up actually resulted in a fatty tissue infection in his leg and a trip to the ER. It took two weeks to get rid of the infection and a month for the eczema itself to go away. eFor most of the trip, the eczema stayed away, only to flare up again badly a week before we came home.

This week, I found out that cream had been released while we where in Panama. We got some 3 days ago and it's already improved it so much it's unbelievable. Nothing else improves it this fast. Really the only thing that sorta works is steroids and even then it took weeks to clear it up as much as this cream has done in 3days.

The name of this miracle-working cream is "Creme Bebe Pour le Derriere" and it's from the Bocage Bee and Honey Co. They don't technically sell it online because they're tiny (but growing) business and couldn't keep with all of the sales they think they'd get online yet. However, you can email them and they def. will ship it to you! I asked about this specifically because when we tested the cream back in May, so many people wanted to know how to get their hands on it. The ingredients are all-natural beeswax, shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut butter, corn starch and vitamin E. Part of the beauty of it is that it's whipped and thus so very soft and easy to apply. It's always totally safe for little ones to get in their mouths. It's not meant to be eaten obviously, but if your LO sneaked a taste of it, they won't be hurt by it. If a lot is ingested, the worst thing would be minor diarrhea from the shea butter. No chemicals, nothing in it that doesn't need to be there. This company is amazing all around, they are natural-minded and really interested in their products being healthy. One of their customers is a surgeon who uses raw honey to pack surgical dressings, another is a pediatrician who gets tons of samples from them to pass out to his patients with eczema.

I would not be raving about this stuff if I didn't truly LOVE it. LM's eczema drives me crazy, trying to keep it under control. The hospital visit in May was horrifying and trying to get enough antibiotics in him to fight the infection was awful work that made us all miserable. Hearing that it had been put on the market was such a relief. His leg, where this reoccurring spot is, is just looking so much smoother and less red.

Also, today he had an allergic reaction (second one he's had). He got his hands on some guacamole that had buttermilk in it and broke out in hives. I put some of this cream on him and the hives went away much faster than they did with his first reaction. The 1st reaction was during our Panama trip, when LM was given strawberry preserves by someone else. Broke out in hives almost immediately and they lasted for three or four days. This time the hives almost lasted several hours. Don't know if it has anything to do with applying the cream or not, but maybe it helped.

It comes in an 8ounce container which costs 16$, which I think will last several months of constant use.

For those local (Baton Rouge area), the company attends the Red Stick Farmer's Market on Saturdays with many of their products. But they also have a physical store at 3358 Drusilla Lane, Suite 1D. Their number is 225-448-5364.

But for those who aren't local, email them at and mention me (Katherine Eagerton). Their website is

If you try this cream, let me know what you think! All I've heard so far are people raving about it just like me.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I'm working to find a better cream for my son's eczema...currently the only lotion that will work has Petrolatum USP, which I'm not a fan of. But I'm thankful something works! And will continue to find a better alternative. :)

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