Monday, September 10, 2012

Cornmeal, Oatmeal and Water: Playtime

    LM is now a year old and officially a little toddler. If I thought baby, non-mobile LM kept me busy it was only because I'd forgotten how busy mobile toddlers keep you. He started crawling while we where in Panama, at about 10months old. Now he's cruising too but not walking independently yet.

  We're been very busy in a lot of ways- LM just experienced his very first hurricane. Which is always fun (not). It seems hurricanes like the babies in my family. I was a baby when Andrew hit, my sister was about six months old when Katrina hit and then Isaac hits right before LM's 1st birthday. We lost power for just a few days and flooding didn't affect our immediate area, though our parish (county) got it really bad in many areas. Also, we went over to my grandparents house to bunker down there and that was interesting all in itself lol.

Anyway, today we where feeling bored and blah with LM teething again. So I went through the albums of the Play At Home Moms facebook page to look for some inspiration. If you haven't checked out that page, you should! Well, I decided on some cornmeal and oatmeal sensory playtime. It was a hit, not a surprise.

This playmat isn't usually used, so when I laid it down, LM was very curious. He actually just played with the mat for about twenty minutes. Pushing it around, pulling it up, etc.

Here's the materials- a few containers out of the kitchen, some old dry oatmeal and some instant cornmeal mix we never use.

He dumped, scooped, grabbed handfuls, tasted, threw around, sprinkled, laughed, banging things against each other and basically had a ton of fun exploring the materials.

    After a while, he began to do more tasting than anything else. Once he couldn't be distracted from eating it, we switched activities to snack time instead. We do baby-led solids but during the hurricane LM was introduced to purees. However, it's in the form of the squeezable/slurp-able containers and he feeds himself still. Plus they're organic. I call them baby smoothies and today's was bananas, beets and blueberry. 

Once he'd slurped his fill of the smoothie, I cleaned up his high chair real quick and gave him a couple measuring cups and some water. Using the high chair tray as a mini-water table has been a favorite of his since he first began using his high chair about six months ago- water-play never gets old! 

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