Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tot School: The Beginning

Tot school, or homeschooling for toddlers. 

Little Man is now TWO. Very active, curious and fearless. He loves being read to over and over during the day. 

We've decided to start tot school with him. It's mostly ideas, goals, etc for ME though. Certainly we're not trying to sit our little wild man down to do workbooks. It's focused on play and reading to him, and I'm really excited about it. He's enjoyed the first week of it but doesn't really seem to notice it's any more organized than before. Which is kinda the point. No stress, no pressure, no pushing, no set structure. Just offering up opportunities and ideas for learning thru books and play. This is how I envision our homeschooling being for a long time. Our motto isn't that learning should be fun, but that play IS learning. 

Here where my goals to keep in mind so far: 

Themes: Ducks

Letters: Familiarity with magnet board and spiral flash cards.

Numbers: Familiarity with magnet board and clock puzzle, counting toy ducks and reading his book One Duck Stuck.

Animals: Ducks! Find ducks in books, all his toy ducks, pics on computer and work on “not a duck”. Have ducks “swim” in the water on water-table, bath and bowl on the floor.

Duck facts- 1) ducks swim in water, 2) baby ducks are ducklings, 3) ducks say quack, 4) ducks eat grass and bugs and 5) a group of ducks is called a team.

Music: Songs about ducks, letters and numbers. Play with his music toys, talk about the names for them and the sounds they make. 

Vocab: Reading aloud books and "quack like a duck"  plus 1) Five Little Ducks, 2) The Little Ducklings, 3) The Six Little Ducks, 4) Ducks on the Bus, 5) I Had A Little Ducky, and 6) Lucky Duck. 

Active Play: Yoga and our walks. 

Health- Basic body parts, their names and what they do. 

Really, this stuff we do sometimes anyway. But we get into ruts of doing the same thing every day and us both getting bored. We're actually pretty bad at that... just hanging out, doing the same thing every day. This was a list of things to do all week, not necessarily doing everything every day. I choose a duck theme because the kid LOVES the idea of ducks... just not being up close and personal with them. To be honest, I started out the week with the idea of having an animal AND color theme for each week. Half-way into the first day, I knew that felt too forced and we ditched it. Teaching colors in a vacuum just isn't our thing for now, though that is how I taught them as a day care teacher. 

We started our days with listening to songs about ducks. My reading duck-themed rhymes/poems to him went over really well, though in a bit of a bizarre reaction. Whenever I'd read one, he'd run back and forth across the living room while giggling. Pretty funny, and whenever I paused between them, he'd stop and stare at me. Hearing Daddy and me "quack like a duck" was hilarious  but he had no interest in trying to mimic us. His favorite things to hear about ducks where about what they eat and how they like to swim. 

It was a great week, we had fun, he said a few new words (yellow, blue, clouds) and it was exactly the relaxed feeling I want it to be. Obviously this is a learning journey for me as well, and that's just part of the excitement. No idea what or how much we'll change as we go along, but it's definitely going to remain Little Man-centered. 

I've been gone forever it seems. Anyone still following? There where a few different reasons WHY but I never lost my interest in writing and I've been wanting to revive my poor abandoned blog for a long time. Maybe I'll do a separate post about what's been up/what's new. 

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  1. I am still here! And good luck with not getting into a teaching rut :)