About Our Family

Another Rambling Mommy (ARM, lol): Me. My name is Katherine and I am the writer here at Walking Towards Crunchy and also over Ember's Ashes. I am twenty years old and a married stay-at-home-mommy. We live outside of Baton Rouge, LA.

Hubs: The poor guy I'm dragging with me towards a greener, healthier life-style. He's a huge fan of fast food, tv, video games and pretty much a mainstream guy. He's twenty-eight, a cook and going to school for programming. He makes a lot of jokes about me going crunchy but he's fairly agreeable. We got married on Valentine's Day 2010 and had been together for a year and a half then.

Ember: Hubs' and my first child together. She was born on July 7th 2010 at 37weeks, 1day but died during labor due to a missed membrane infection and cord compression.

Little Man (LM): Our second child together, born at the beginning of September 2011 fourteen months after Ember's birth. He's our Rainbow Baby.

"Us" written in my posts generally refers to Hubs, LM and me btw.

We are:

  •  Cloth Diapering
  •  Part-time cloth wiping
  •  Breastfeeding
  •  Non-circumcising 
  •  Delayed and selectively vaccinating 
  •  Gentle, progressive, attachment parenting 
  •  Co-sleeping 
We are working on:
  •        Baby-wearing
  •        Going Shampoo-Free
  •        Green Cleaning

We are planning to try in the future:

  •     Homeschooling

ShortStuff:  Hubs' daughter from his first marriage. She's 9.5 years old and a very smart young girl. 

LilBit: ShortStuff's 6 year old sister, a sweet, goofy girl. They both live with their mother. 

Princess: My 6.5 year old sister. She's crazy about her nephew, remembers her niece sadly but fondly and was my "practice" baby. She's a very smart kid in private religious school which she generally loves. 

Nana: My mother..... A nurse, and even more mainstream than Hubs. Much more actually. She's crazy about LM though.... despite the cloth diapers and we have fun together. She often wonders how she gave birth to a hippy. 

Nonnie: My grandmother. More laid-back than my mother and a huge part of our life. She was cloth diapering before it was cool. 

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